About Us

Mick Zoske grew up on the family farm south of Iowa Falls.  While growing up, Mick was very involved with the row crop and livestock side of the family farm.  Mick’s father built their first hog confinement which had deep pit storage when Mick was 13 giving Mick firsthand experience of manure handling at a young age.  After high school graduation Mick attended ISU majoring in Agronomy planning to return home to the family farm after graduation.  To earn a little extra cash Mick would help a local custom manure applicator each spring and fall.  Mick’s sophomore year at ISU he and a friend obtained a patent on a no-till manure injector.  While finishing his degree at ISU, Mick continued to help custom manure applicators and manufacture and market his injector.

During Mick’s senior year at ISU, Mick knew that after graduation he would want to get into the industry deeper than just making the injectors.  In March of 2002 Mick signed up with Yetter and J-Star (currently known as Jamesway) as a dealer starting Zoske’s Sales & Service, Inc.  During the summer of 2002 Mick also started a manure custom application business with his father which they maintained for 8 years.

Over the years Zoske’s has added several other product lines and services to grow the business such as: Meyer and Meyer’s dry spreaders, Calumet, Balzer, Anderson, Demco, and many other lines.  Zoske’s also offers a full Diesel and Ag repair shop, a manufacturing department, along with a Precision Ag Department.  In 2013 Zoske’s will be opening its’ second location in Sauk Rapids, MN.

From operating equipment on the farm growing up and custom hauling manure for 12 plus years, Mick learned firsthand how important quality equipment is to the bottom line of any operation.  Mick also learned not only do you need quality equipment, you need a dedicated dealer to back you with a large parts supply and a superior service center.  These life lessons are what Mick and his staff have focused on to provide their customers and guidelines for the growth of the Zoske’s Sales & Service, Inc. over the past 10 years!

Zoske’s is a family owned business!  Mick married his high school sweetheart (Stacy) in 2003.  They currently have 2 boys that will hopefully be involved with the business someday.  Mick still enjoys the time that he gets to help his father on the farm!  Mick also hopes to be able to take the operation over someday and get back into farming!

At Zoske’s, we do not sell the equipment, we sell ourselves!  No matter how good the equipment you have, if you can’t get the parts or service to keep you up and running, you will not get your job completed!  Zoske’s want’s their customers to know that Zoske’s will be with their customers through the thick and thin and make sure their equipment is performing to get the job done!

Zoske's Sales & Service, Inc.
604 Greenfield Avenue Iowa Falls IA 50126
Phone: (641) 648-2980 Fax: 641-648-2816
Toll Free Phone: 1-888-402-1742